Sunday, June 27, 2010


Assalamualaikum :)

Hello guys. Tomorrow, erkk no, I mean today, hehe I will accompany my pregnant sis ^^ to RAFFLESIA MEDICAL CENTRE to see her doctor. Her due date actually is 28 July 2010, which mean she suppose to give birth today. But but but she can't. I don't know how to explain her problem =____='' The doctor said that her baby was not "engaged'' yet. Erkk gitu ka ah? Entahlahh susah mahu explain. Yang penting tu baby belum ready lagi mau keluar dari perut. Ngehhh =.=''

Okay okay. Then, the doctor gave her 7 to 8 more days for overdue. Kalau belum terbuka lagi pangkal rahim, maksudnya terpaksa operate. Hopefully, for the first baby, we truly want to avoid from the operation.

PRAY FOR HER. ^___^.

Okay okay you all mau tahu, I LOST 4 kg for the last month. I repeat. LAST MONTH. Not THIS MONTH, Muahaha bulan ni belum start lagi exercise. Semangat ada, tapi itulah KEMALASAN MELAMPAUI KESEMANGATAN. Adakkkah ? Ngehhh =____=''

Oh ya, sebelum terlupa .Hehe Kalau ada free,jenguk jenguklah kat saya.

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Thank you.

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