Thursday, September 2, 2010


Assalamualaikum :)

OMG ! I miss this place very much and the moments when GPM and I took soo soo soo many pictures like the place is ours. Haha. Fyi, this place called Graffiti, located in front of Suria Sabah.

Okok. Skip for the "perasantan".

As my niece Syaakirah has become two-months-baby for today, her mother who is also my sister (haha) wants me to accompany her to bring Syaakirah to Klinik Putatan for medical check up. She said we must go there before 8 am. Oh no. It's the best time to get sleep. Nvm =.=''

After sending my sister back home, I plan I wanna go shopping for some things that I need, not for Raya but for preparation before flying to Egpyt.

If I CAN. yeah if i can lah. My mum said she will use Unser, my brother-in-law use Myvi, CRV is now in workshop. So me? Just continue pray so my mum can borrow me the Unser. Hehe ;)

Yeahh most of my friends that studying in KL and other places have back to Sabah. Even my friend from Indonesia,Indarmulya. Wuhuu ! Can't wait to meet them all.

That's all for today. Sorry for my bad plus broken English. Hee ;)

Thanks for reading.

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Arrharatnasari Kachong Ma'arof said...

yo! weh aku dah balik kk jugak. bila mau bawa aku jalan ne? =D