Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm Back

Assalamualaikum :)

Hello readers. Fuhh almost one week I didn't post any entry. Erkk I think more than a week. =__='' Yeahh as I told before, I busy with my new-born-niece, Syaakirah ;) and busy being a companion for my sister.

And and busy being a mother for my cat that has new kittens. Unfortunately, you wanna know haihh from 8 kittens, and now just left only one kitten. Bad mum ! Bad mum ! =___=''

I just back from library. Actually at 11.30 pm. We ate DURIAN ! Yummy ^^. Hehe Just now, I learnt something new. Something about my DSLR.

There was a new teacher that came to the library. I didn't know him. He's very very very friendly. One of my friends told me that he is a Science teacher in her school and also a PHOTOGRAPHER ! Wuhuu. He showed us his photo albums and a lot of pictures. He also told us about his experiences of his life, his scary stories, his camera and bla bla bla. NON STOP ! =___=''

Suddenly I realized that we have same DSLR, Canon.So, I asked him to teach me a little bit about that cam. Then, he told to follow him to the car. When he took out his DSLR, WALAWEHH ! Punya semartt ! Our DSLR are same, but he changed it's lens and put some addition under the camera. Fuhhhh. After that, he taught me about how to use the manual one. There's a lot thing I just learnt. Yeahh thanks sir!

It makes me wanna learn more about photography. Yeahh.

Okay. That's all.
Thank you for reading ;)

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